Our Orthotic Services:

  • Dynamic AFO’s for tone and postural control
  • AFO’s & KAFO’s for CP, TBI, stroke and other patients
  • Knee bracing for sports and DJD
  • Fracture (Sarmiento) and post-op bracing
  • Sports bracing
  • Wrist and ankle splinting for injury and CTS
  • Spine bracing for trauma and chronic back pain
  • Scoliosis treatment (pediatric, adolescent and adult degenerative scoli)
  • Clubfoot treatment and cranial molding for infants
  • Inserts for foot pain and running
  • Diabetic foot care (including Charcot therapy)
  • Hospital and rehabilitation follow up

Our Prosthetic Services:

  • Lower extremity prosthetics, both conventional and bionic
  • Upper extremity prosthetics including the latest myo-electric, anatomical hands
  • Pediatric prosthetic care
  • Pre-operative education for your patients
  • Immediate post-operative care (including intra-operative fitting)
  • Expedited care
  • Hospital and rehabilitation follow up

Our commitment to you:

  • We will listen to your patients and provide thoughtful, comprehensive care.
  • We will respectfully care for everyone on your team and ours.
  • We will communicate with you as your patient progresses.
  • Your patients will not have to wait for the quality care they need.
  • We will provide timely services-hospital and other urgent needs patients will be fit in 24 hours.
  • We will offer the latest prosthetic and orthotic technologies, processes and devices.

How do you get started?

Dispensing Order - All we require to see a patient is a written dispensing order with information about the diagnosis and type of treatment you are envisioning.  The written dispensing order can be as specific or as generic as you wish.  Have your patient give us a call to schedule an appointment (at no charge) or if there is an urgent need, please feel free to contact us directly to discuss the case and let us know when you would like the patient seen.

Your Notes - As part of evaluating your patient, we will request these notes and, following a comprehensive evaluation, we will provide detailed recommendations about the most appropriate care. 

Documentation Requirements for Artificial Limbs
Documentation Requirements for Diabetic Inserts/Shoes

Where do we go from there?

Once we have refined the treatment plan, we will provide a detailed prescription for your signature that will include specific components, coding and justifications for every aspect of the care to be provided.

We will communicate with your office throughout the course of your patient’s treatment and keep you apprised of any changes in your patient’s condition that may require additional treatment.

We will also work with you to provide information about what your patient will need from you as the referring physician to insure insurance coverage and allow them to receive the care you have prescribed.

Here are some helpful resources that provide detailed information regarding what is required for compliance with Medicare and many other insurers:

Documentation for Artificial Limbs
Lower Limb Prosthesis Clinical Template Background
Lunch and Learn Online Registration - We are excited to offer a Lunch and Learn opportunity for you and your team!