Jerald Cunningham, CPO

Jerald Cunningham, Prosthetist and Orthotist

Jerald is a board-certified prosthetist and orthotist (American Board for Certification, ABC) with 20 years of experience in the field. Jerald has an extensive background in engineering and computer aided design and has also studied graphics, sculpture and pottery. Jerald did his undergraduate work at Cornell University and graduated cum laude with a degree in Physics and Cognitive Studies. He has also been a guest lecturer for the University of New England's PhD Physical Therapy program.  

In addition to seeing patients in their clinic, Jerald is very involved in research and development and has invented a bracing treatment for infants with clubfoot that is in use around the world. He is constantly working to bring new, patient-inspired, solutions to reality. 

"I really enjoy what I do because I love fixing things and figuring out better ways to do them. In this field, all of the parts of what had always seemed to be a pretty unusual and diverse background come together an allow me to really help make a difference in people’s lives - it’s a blast!."

Jerald lives in Gorham now because for some reason, about 15 years ago, he and his wife, Colleen, sold their contemporary, super-insulated, solar home in Cornish and purchased a 120 year old farm house in Gorham. He and Colleen love the romance of this wonderful old farm and spend most (okay, all) of their free time on maintenance and staying warm in the winter. Jerald's two daughters are way too grown up now and have moved away; one is pursuing a career in data analytics in New Zealand with her beau and the other has graduated from New England Law School and lives in Boston. Now, he and Colleen live with 4 cats (a long story), 4 chickens (an even longer story), and a dog (Colleen will tell you about Boomer). 

He listens! You can tell from meeting Jerald, his knowledge, determination, and adoration for his work, are at the forefront of everything he does. I strongly recommend him and his practice.
— M.M. - Lower Extremity Orthotic User
Colleen Cunningham

Colleen Cunningham, Owner and Practice Manager

Born and raised in Portland, Maine (a true Main-uh), Colleen has a Bachelor of Science degree in Social Services from St. Joseph’s College in Standish, Maine.  She has managed international operations and marketing for college degree programs and most recently has branched into Human Services.  Her experience covers a wide range of positions including working as an International Operations Manager for St. Joseph’s College, an Office Manager for a healthcare practice and  a position where she was the Assistant Director for Enrollment Management at UNE where she created a Call Center and lead a cohesive, caring group of students who continue to look her up from time to time for hellos (and advice).  Prior to her career in Human Services, she managed a design and engineering business for 15 years  that she owned with her husband, Jerald.  

More recently, she found her true vocation in a position where her caring nature was really able to shine through. She spent 2 years working at Shalom House, a nonprofit based in Portland, assisting homeless clients with mental illness to find homes.  She further developed and expanded their York County office in Biddeford and loved going to work every single day (well, except maybe the days that required commuting on the turnpike during snowstorms).  It was a position where she realized how much of a difference she could make in people’s lives and how much that mattered to who she was.  With both regret at leaving that behind and a renewed commitment to helping the people around her, she has brought her organizational and leadership skills, as well as her unlimited capacity to care, to running our family practice.

That being said, Colleen would probably still say that her most important and rewarding role has been that of parent. Along with the love of her life, Jerald, she has raised two amazing young women, Lauren and Jordan who have turned into wonderful friends and a huge part of what makes Cunningham Prosthetic Care who we are.  (She has however been accused of caring more for her Labradoodle, Boomer, than the rest of the family.)

Colleen welcomes everyone with a genuine caring and kind approach. I forgot I was at a business, it was more like visiting with on old friend.
— T.S.- Pediatric Patient Mom

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