Inserts (for your feet)

Since the year 1994, I have tried to alleviate chronic, severe foot pain when walking. It took me six years to find a orthotist who understood the mechanics of my feet and who was capable of bringing me relief. I found that expert in Jerald Cunningham. After being under his care, and relying on him to replace my orthotics my feet remained pain-free.
— M.M. Lower Extremity Orthotic User

There are two principle types of inserts (or “foot orthoses”) that people can benefit from.  We can work with you to develop exactly what is right for you.

  • Diabetic inserts:
    For people suffering from diabetes, there is often compromise of the circulatory system in the hands, legs and occasionally even the eyes.  This causes several issues which can work against you to create the perfect storm of problems.  First, your feet and legs can develop sores very easily, second, the body loses its natural ability to heal itself, then the sensation that usually lets you know when you have a wound is often impaired.  This is coupled with decreased sensation in the hands and sometimes, impaired vision so it can be hard to see or feel sores if they do develop.  It’s no wonder that so many diabetics wind up with life-threatening sores that become infected and can lead to amputation!

  • Functional inserts:
    Nobody really understands the impact of foot pain on the quality of one’s life until they’ve been through it.  It is astounding how debilitating it can be to have your feet hurting constantly and, unfortunately there are many underlying issues that can create this type of serious pain.  It can also affect the knees, hips and even the back. The good news is that many conditions respond to treatment with inserts that are carefully developed to provide the critical anatomical support that restores the correct biomechanical alignment.  A lot of people will even respond well to the type of inserts that you can find in drugstores or good shoe stores but for those with serious issues, custom inserts are an essential part of getting back to pain free living.

What We Can Offer

We’re experienced with all of these conditions and can talk with you about which type of inserts would be the most helpful and the best choice for your lifestyle.  In cases where there’s an urgent need (such as a spine fracture) we can deliver bracing within 24 hours!  If you have questions about whether bracing might be helpful for you, we’re here to talk-consultations are always free.  Just give us a call to schedule an appointment.