Bracing Options:

Bracing for arms and legs comes in two types, Off-the-shelf and Custom.  Each has its advantages but it is critical to understand what will be the best solution for you.

Off-the-shelf braces are custom fit to each patient to optimize how well they will work and to maximize comfort.  They are usually appropriate when someone has fairly typical proportions and “normal” types of activities where they require support or protection. The advantage here is that these types of braces are readily available and are less expensive. Thanks to a lot of innovation in our field there are also usually many options and designs for each type of brace.

Custom braces are usually based on off-the-shelf designs but are custom built to suit each specific individual.  The obvious advantage is that the fit that is achieved is superior to the standard brace, particularly for individuals who might have less typical proportions or shapes. Often these braces will provide superior support as well because of the exactness of the fit.

Types of braces we offer. We are able to meet all of your bracing needs and we are familiar with the fit and function of each type of brace so we can work with you to zero in on what will be the most useful and easiest to incorporate into your lifestyle.  We can also assist with providing the necessary justifications for your insurance company when we are recommending a custom brace.  Here is a partial list of the types of braces we can provide:

  • Ankle foot braces (AFO’s) for foot drop, spasticity, ankle instability, Charcot foot (CROW walkers) or fusions.
  • Knee braces for ACL/MCL tears, degenerative joint disease (arthritis), post operative support or Runner’s knee.
  • Hip braces for dislocations, post operative support or hip dysplasia.
  • Hand and wrist braces for carpal tunnel syndrome, wrist instability or fractures
  • Elbow braces for ner
  • Fracture bracing (Sarmiento bracing)
Thank you again for all of your attentive care, and for making this the best experience we’ve had with a truly custom orthotic. We are beyond impressed with the level of care we received and appreciate it more than you know.
— J.P. - Pediatric Patient Mom
Jerald’s creative approach made all the difference. He took the time to listen and created a plan that worked for me and all that I wanted to continue to do.
— S.B. - Active Knee Orthosis Patient

What We Can Offer:

We’re experienced with all of these conditions and can talk with you about which type of inserts would be the most helpful and the best choice for your lifestyle.  In cases where there’s an urgent need (such as a spine fracture) we can deliver bracing within 24 hours!  If you have questions about whether bracing might be helpful for you, we’re here to talk-consultations are always free.  Just give us a call to schedule an appointment.